Available web application stacks

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There are tree stacks that you can choose using hosting4devs.

To summarize, Apache and NGINX as a proxy pass for your applications. Using PHP-FPM over unix domain socket configured to high-performance applications.

NGINX + Apache2

NGINX works as reverse proxy for Apache2.
NGINX do the best serving static content. If it is PHP, NGINX will pass it to Apache2 and the request will be pass to PHP-FPM.
This setup supports .htaccess.

NGINX native

Your sites will be fully controlled by NGINX.
If it is PHP files, NGINX will pass it to FastCGI to communicate with PHP-FPM.
This stack doesn't support .htaccess.

Apache native

High-performance PHP on apache httpd 2.4 using mod-proxy-fcgi and php-fpm