What is hosting4devs

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hosting4devs is the next generation cloud and web apps manager.

hosting4devs offers a full, easy, cheaper and integral solution that allows you to manage, in a simple and centralized way, all your servers.

Key features

  • Simple and fast installation and server configuration.
  • Easy, fast and secure.
  • Save money, time and minimize system administration workload.
  • Monitor server resources and get real time metrics.
  • Run snippets or scripts and visualize execution results.
  • Create and deploy web hosting, modern PHP apps and databases.
  • Create email accounts, forwarders... Fight spam with Apache SpamAssassin.
  • Setup automatic deployment with Git and custom scripts.
  • Incoming and outcoming webhooks and Slack integration.
  • One-click WordPress installation

hosting4devs is also a web and a mobile interface, an API and a CLI (command line interface) that performs the communication between you and your servers. You could even use it without any knowledge about servers or Linux.

We allows you to install PHP web apps in a specially configured stack to take the best out. That results in a faster website experience and less server resource usage.